What’s going to happen in 2019?

Praise Party – 2nd February 2019

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We had the Praise Party on February 2nd to get us in the mood for the EPIC Weekend.   
4.30 PM – 6.30 PM at The Hub, Wymondham 
It was a great time.

EPIC Weekend 2019 – 24th – 26th May

Our theme is … the EPIC Voyage



What happens at the weekend?



We sit in a big circle, we eat cheese and play duck duck goose for the whole weekend……. errrr no.. not likely!!!!

We eat lots of food, we gunge the leaders and you might get pretty messy too. We have games
Epic-2013-crew-yellowthat you would never get the chance to play anywhere else as they’re a little bit crazy. There’s often drama and worship and loads more awesome stuff.

Last year we had two prayer rooms. We’re looking to have at least one this year! It’s going to be another smashing time in there!

This year promises to be truly EPIC – you will make new friends, have so much fun you won’t want to go home and be desperate to come back next year.