What is the EPIC Weekend? 

If you’re in school years 4, 5 or 6 it’s a chance for you and your friends to learn more about God and have some EPIC fun with loads of others, friends and new friends..

It all takes place at the amazing Letton Hall Manor House, and it’s put on by Kids Workers from across the region and beyond.
So if you’re in school years 4, 5 or 6 this weekend is definitely for you!

Why is it called epic-sticker-nodate

EPIC means : Surpassing the usual or ordinary, particularly in scope or size and heroic and impressive in quality

Our heart is that the weekend does just that… It goes beyond being usual or ordinary. That it’s such a huge weekend that you will never forget it. That you will remember meeting God that weekend and also you will become EPIC kids… Heroic and impressive among your family and friends.

What happens at the weekend?

We sit in a big circle, we eat cheese and play duck duck goose for the whole weekend……. errrr no.. not likely!!!!

We eat lots of food, we gunge the leaders and you might get pretty messy too. We hope to have a campfire,  and games that you would never get the chance to play anywhere else as they’re a little bit crazy. There’s often drama and worship and loads more awesome stuff.

This year promises to be truly EPIC – you will make new friends, have so much fun you won’t want to go home and be desperate to come back next year.

What is 2020’s theme?

The EPIC Escape – Go and see our 2020 page to find out more!

Who can come?

If you are in school years 4, 5 or 6 you are more than welcome

Who leads the EPIC Weekend Away?

It is organised and led by Elisabeth Louis from Hope Community Church, Wymondham and Andy Jones from Raise

The EPIC Weekend grew out of Hope Community Church’s Kids Weekend Away and has been part of Andy and Elisabeth’s vision to see kids and leaders come together and have an awesome time encountering Jesus.
It now attracts many churches from near and far.

The team is growing and includes : (Find out more about your team!)

Laura Porter – Lowestoft Community Church, Lowestoft
Emily Plumbly – Kings Church, Norwich,
Matt Beckett – Fountain of Life, Ashill
Mark Andrews – Hope Church, Ipswich
Wouter Vertegaal – Life Church, Peterborough,
Hannah Farmer – Dereham Baptist Church
Claire Gardner – Gateway Vineyard

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