Who’s Who?

Andy Jones

Originally from the North (Stockport – the home of pudding, chips and gravy!) now lives in Wymondham with his wife and two kids.

Andy has been the team leader from the beginning and heads up Raise Kids Work as the Director of Operations.

He loves being a little bit silly and is mad about llamas. His silliness often appears in most areas of the life of EPIC. He’s really looking forward to 2019 and what God has in store for us all as we have another EPIC year.

Elisabeth Louis

Works for Hope Community Church as their children’s worker.. she’s been on the team for a long time now and leads the EPIC Weekend with Andy.

She has had a number of roles on EPIC over the years including leading the weekend with Andy, clan leader, house parent, teaching team and a lot more.

Elisabeth is also known to be the proud wearer of the Pants of Shame most years – a reward that some leaders are yet to claim!


The Terminator

Wouter Vertegaal

Originally comes from Holland but now lives and works for Life Church in Peterborough.

2018 was his eighth year on team.

He’s been heading up the teaching at EPIC with help from Hannah M and Andy and it has been amazing.



Epic-2013-crew-yellowDebs Carter

is from Christ Community Church, Attleborough.

2018 was her seventh year and she’s taking a break in 2019.

In 2016 – 2018, Debs had the extra role of amazing stage manager which meant the meetings were very smooth – This year she passes on the mantle to someone else.. who will it be?



LaureEpic14 150n Ellero

is one of the veteran leaders at EPIC.

She is a primary teacher by day and a panto star by night (in panto season)

She loves to dance and sing and is often involved in upfront drama and praise and worship at EPIC.

EPIC 2018 was her tenth year at the kids weekend away!




Emma Hughes

is from Kings Church,  Norwich and 2014 was her third year at EPIC.

In 2013 and 2014, Emma was in charge of registration and prepared Welcome packs for all the kids coming (that was very exciting!) – In 2014 they had coloured boxes!

Emma went on maternity leave in 2015 and returned in 2016. In 2017 and 2018 … Emma was on maternity leave again so she sent in reinforcements from Kings. Who knows what 2019 holds



 Matt Beckett

is from Fountain of Life, Ashill.

2013 was his first ever EPIC Weekend. In 2014 he couldn’t make it. 🙁 But he came back in 2015. Hooray!

He is known to drum, play the guitar and have strange middle eastern accents when he acts as a wise man. He’s involved in upfront madness at EPIC and behind the scenes creativeness.




 Hannah MacFarlene

is from Hope Church, Ipswich and joined EPIC in 2013.

She is a multi-talented kids worker, author and much more!

In 2014-2016 Hannah led the teaching sessions with Wouter. What a team!




Amy Medler

did two year outs with Hope Community Church, Wymondham.

2014 was her first year at EPIC

Amy has been an admin superstar in recent years and has been doing a stunning job with the prayer room at EPIC amongst so many other crazy things she gets up to on the weekend. Let’s see what 2019 holds for her.



Ann Gallagher

is from Aylsham Community Church.

Ann used to be a teacher but now works for Aylsham Community Church. Ann is a superb worship leader amongst other things.





Laura Porter

is from Lowestoft Community Church and officially joined  the EPIC team in 2016.

In 2017 she could only make a day.. She made the whole weekend for 2018 and she’s back for more in 2019.



Works for Hope Community Church as their children’s worker.. she’s been on the team for a long time now and leads the EPIC Weekend with Andy.

George Newbery

has been at EPIC for a number of years now.

He used to go to Hope Community Church, Wymondham but has since moved to Nottingham. He couldn’t make 2018 – who knows whether he can make 2019?

At EPIC he is often involved in upfront crazy things including being King Barfer, a pirate and many other crazy things.

Mandy Burnett

Comes all the way from All Saints, Mattishall and 2018 was her third year (we think).  Mandy was part of the teaching team in 2017. Watch this space for 2019.

Hannah Farmer

Hannah comes from Dereham Baptist Church. It was Hannah’s first year in 2017 and is hooked on the EPIC Weekend already. She’s hoping to be back for me in 2019.

Trevor Ford

One of the longest running team members. He had a short break but came back in 2016. His granddad duties called in 2018. So we didn’t get to see his amazingness.

Emily Plumbly

Emily is part of Kings Church, Norwich and has been on team for a couple of years now.

More team info to follow